Lunn desert salt 100 gr

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Rich in Natural Minerals: Desert Salt is rich in 70+ vital minerals that are important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle like Potassium, Calcium, Iodine, Magnesium, Iron, Phosphorus & Sulphate.
Free From Microplastics: Desert Salt is sourced from unpolluted Desert of Rajasthan which is free from micro-plastics found in Sea Salt.
No Anti-caking Agents: Anti-caking agent is a chemical which is added into Salt to make it free from lumps. But our Desert Salt is totally free from chemicals like anti caking agent.
Vegan: Aquatic animals live, die & dissolve in sea water which is used to produced Sea Salt. Desert Salt produced from ground water which is free of aquatic life.
Mild Salt: Experience yourself by placing few grains of Desert Salt on your tongue, after 5 seconds you will notice no salty taste unlike other common Salts which are highly salined & harsh in taste.
Hand Harvested: The Salt crystals are hand harvested & hand cleaned ready.
For Daily Cooking: Desert Salt is healthy alternative for your common Table Salt.