A part of western and nordic food

Tapas Tapas

In our deli you can buy a lot of nice food. Why not create you own tapas plate? We got a good selection of sausages, ham, cheeses, shrimps, salads, salami, olives and much more.

All you need for your BBQ

Barberque Barberque

At Olearys S.B.D you will not only find the best meat you will also find all you need to make your BBQ perfect.
We have garlic butter, BBQ sauce, bearnaise sauce, baked potato, corn, potato salad and of course marinated meat of all kind.
If you miss anything just ask and we will fix it for you.

freshLY boiled shrimps

Shrimp Shrimp

Fresh shrimp the Nordic way with seasalt.
You can also buy your own bread and some dip sauces to your shrimp.
Why not bring some shrimps to the beach and watch the sunset with a glas of white wine?

Nordic food

Do you miss Nordic food? We have many diffrent kinds of food like Norweigen salmon, both fresh, marinated or smoked. Other Scandinavian specialites like hard bread, lingonberry, herring,  
Scandinavian cheese and candy.
We also have a large selection of western food that is hard to find in Thailand.

Do you miss a nice cheese? We have a good selection of soft and hard cheese.

parmesan cheese
parmesan cheese

 wine selection

Wine Wine

We have many different kinds of wine. All from domestic wine to imported high quality wine like Champagne and Amarone etc. We are always trying to find the best wine to the best price.

Beer from Many countries

Beer Beer

.We are not only selling Chang beer in our Deli. We are constanly looking for new beers and have found many diffrent beers from several countries.

spirit liquor and snaps

A good tasting snaps is sometimes really nice to some Nordic food like herring. We have a wide range of diffrent kind of liquor and spirits so you can make your long drinks at home. We also have Single Malt and Cognac.