Now you can order food from our webshop to anywhere in Thailand!
We deliver to your door with coldtrucks all over Thailand.

Ways to order in our webshop:

1. Free delivery every friday to Pattaya.
We deliver to Pattaya every friday for free last time to order is Thursday 15.00 for delivery the next day.
We will meet you somewhere close to where you live.
You will get a call from us on Thursday with more information about time and place for your delivery.

3. Orders all over Thailand in cold trucks.
  Complete your order at our webshop and choose. We will then charge you 395 bath for the delivery. It includes foambox, ice and freight with cold trucks to your door. The price is the same no matter how much you order..

When you have completed your order you will get a provisional invoice from us. When we checked your order we will send payment instructions to you after your payment we will send asap to you and send a tracking code to you. 

Until the payment has been made you have the right to cancel your purchase. If you haven't paid your invoice within 5 days we will automatically cancel your order. Once we recive your payment we will send your order within 1-5 days. When we have put your order on the bus or other transportation we will call you and personally inform you when your order will arrive in your city. We will also send you a text with the receipt for the transportation.